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And The Sign Said…

May 10th, 2016

I had a wild blind date one sunny afternoon. We had been chatting and having awesome cybersex for a while online and he dared me to follow a sequence of notes to our first meeting. I can never resist a good dare, especially one that involves some risk or danger.  This just made our first meeting all the more exciting. He sent me an email telling me to go to this restaurant and ask for the manager. That person would give me the next clue to follow. The last note told me to follow this path into the forest and look for a tree with a sign on it. The sign on the tree said simply, “Open Your Ass”. There was a small note attached to it that dared me to take all my clothes off and get on all fours on top of the wood pile.


I shivered slightly and knew he was watching me. I loved our hot and dirty sessions much more than he knew. I slipped out of my clothes nervously. As I waited, my mind raced, picturing images of past hot fuck sessions with different dates. This one was just about the wildest one yet…



I thought I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I shivered again and turned away. I was craving his touch, needing to feel his throbbing hard cock spearing my tender ass, needing to feel his hands on my body at long last.





I braced myself… I knew this was going to feel so good.





005He slipped a finger into my ass. Deciding I was ready, he dropped his pants and entered me with his already hard cock.







It felt so good, I wanted to scream. He fucked me hard, driving that rigid dick in deep. Then he turned me over onto my back and kept plowing my ass from that direction…. I was in heaven!!


I have to thank the people over at Ass Handlers for this outstanding gallery. Click on any of the pictures to go to the complete sample gallery or better yet, click on the link above to go to the website. Ass Handlers has so much great anal sex going on – lots of double penetrations! When you join (and I know you will), you also get access to their complete network. I think you will want more. I know I do….

She’s got a Hard Body!

December 31st, 2013

Hard Body

What’s the next best thing to finding a hot babe that likes to take a hard cock up her ass? Finding a former gymnast who craves anal! Smokin’ hot Lea Lexis has the hard, toned body and the incredible flexibility to get into all kinds of wild positions. She has an incredible butt!

Hard BodyYou have to see for yourself what this lovely Romanian Hard Body can do in this clip from her 27 minute sizzling hardcore scene. She strips out of her spandex workout clothes outdoors by the pool then moves indoors to have Miguel lick her slit while she athletically sucks his cock. Then they move on to the anal sex. This babe can really take it! Enjoy these video clips from Elegant Angel and their Hard Bodies series. I know I sure did! Whew… I need to hit the shower after this one.

Ass-Fucked to the Fullest

December 25th, 2013

Ass-Fucked to the FullestGood anal sex doesn’t have any boundary on age. Yeah, the teens love it because it is something new and they can’t get pregnant that way. This hot mature babe with the great tits is one of those horny, kinky women that loves to have her holes filled. Yeah, both of them. She has no problem showing off her incredible tits..

Ass-Fucked to the FullestYeah, she has some great tits, but she has an even better ass! Our guy can’t wait to dive in, so he has Miss Deb bend over. He pulls her panties aside and is more than surprised by what he finds…

Ass-Fucked to the FullestThis mature vixen is has several pussy piercings. She must jangle when she walks! He pulls her panties off, pulls her boobs free, and has her suck him hard before he gives her pierced kitty a much-wanted pounding. When he has had enough twat, he slips down and enters her ass. This is one babe that likes to fuck like there is no tomorrow, and loves taking a hard cock up the poop chute.

You can enjoy 2 great video clips from this scene courtesy of 50PlusMilfs or enjoy more pictures from this shoot by clicking here. I know I sure will!



December 21st, 2013

Maybe it is just me, but I found this clip of the delectable Phoenix Marie applying oil to her ass to be so incredibly hot and erotic…

Phoenix Marie

(Just click on that image and enjoy!) This is not your normal kind of porn – it’s a definite cut above. The site isn’t pure anal, but this clip is just so great I had to stop and share. You can download it and keep it, too! I don’t know about you, but I think I want to see what else this site has to offer…. now, where’s that butt plug?

Luba Likes It

December 8th, 2013

Oh, My Gawd! Look at the face on this honey. She is just simply stunning!!

Luba Likes It

Luba is a wanna-be that thinks she wants to be the next porn star. She finds these two guys who promise her everything if she will let one of them fuck her on camera. This site uses two different cameras – one held watching the scene from the normal point of view – the other one mounted on the guy’s head so you get true POV footage. The babes are not shy at all. They are there because they want to be fucked, thinking that is the only way they will become famous. Just about every single girl does anal, making this one very hot deal.

Luba Likes It

Just check out this view of Luba doing a great blow job. Look at the size of that cock!! You know exactly where that cock is going to go, right? Do you think she is up to this?

Luba Likes It

Oh, yeah she is, and judging by that huge smile on her face, she more than likes it.. she loves it! Click on any of the images above to see Luba getting fucked hard by that large cock in her ass!

Diving for more…

The Butt Diver

Violetta Goes Wild

December 5th, 2013

Violetta Goes Wild

I love seeing girls introduced to the joys of anal sex! Slender teen Violetta is in need of cash and found a guy who offered to pay her for her anal virginity. She’s pretty, she’s curious, and well, she wants to make money. She seems like such a quiet, nice girl….

Violetta Goes Wild

So, it is time to check out the scenery. She isn’t much in the tits department, but her ass is wonderful – nice and round. She sucks the guy’s dick to make him all nice and hard. Then, it is time…  A bit of lube… a finger sliding in, and before you know it, our girl is taking that big cock all the way up her ass.

Violetta Goes Wild

Yeah, it hurts at first, especially when you are young, tight, and have never had anything up your butt before. But it also feels so very good. Violetta relaxes and lets the new sensations take over. She decides she likes it.. She really really likes it. She likes it so much it turns her into a wild little sex kitten that can’t get enough anal sex!

First Anal Quest is filled with teen babes getting hard cocks in their asses for the first time. From their smiles, you know they are really enjoying themselves. You can click on any of the images above for a free video gallery with two clips, or you can click here for a photo gallery.

Keep Diving Deep!

The Butt Diver

Anal Sluts

December 4th, 2013

There is just something so very hot about having another woman explore your butt. The folks over at EverythingButt.Com know this and now have an almost exclusive lesbian anal site. It’s all original, too.  All anal play is wonderful in The Butt Diver’s eyes, but, anal play at the hands of someone who knows what they are doing is even more delicious. Dana DeArmond (center) most certainly knows her way around an ass!!

Anal Sluts

Bailey Blue (blonde) and Alby Rydes (short dark hair) are in line to have their tender rears explored by Dana. She spanks them until their cheeks are bright red, then moves on to a good anal fisting of both girls.

Anal Sluts

Alby helps with moral support and licking. She knows her turn will come to have that slender hand up to the wrist slipped into her butt, and when it does come it will feel so incredible. After the girls have been loosened up, it is time to have their asses fucked with a nice, large dildo.

Anal Sluts

That strapon is so large that Alby can barely get her lips around it. How is it ever going to fit into her tight rosebud? It does, trust me. Alby is soon riding that cock deep in her ass like a pro. These two anal sluts really do like having big cocks and fists up their butts!

This is a scene you will enjoy. You can watch a lot of it for free, or you can join Everything Butt to get 85 Flash streaming minutes, over 200 still pictures, and 7 videos of just this shoot. If you don’t want to join, you can also buy the scene through their Kink on Demand service. You can go here and check out a free gallery – I know it will get your bottom begging you for more.

I’ll be diving deep for more great scenes for you.

The Butt Diver



Vanda Goes Crazy

December 1st, 2013

Vanda Likes Anal


OMG!! This blonde babe has the absolute most perfect ass!! This fresh-faced teen has never done anal before, and has decided today is the day. She said she usually stays away from anything she finds extreme, so this is a shocker. She’s totally delicious – smooth shaved, toned, slender. She’s a little bit shy at first, but I think that is just nerves. After all, she is going to have her butt drilled for the first time ever! She gets warmed up with just a lubed finger piercing her tender rosebud…

Vanda Likes Anal


Hiking her skirt up, she plays with her clit and pussy until she is nice and wet, then slips a finger just barely into her asshole. She likes it and decides she definitely wants more. Calling her partner over, she has him fill both of her holes with his fingers and begin to stroke away. She takes that finger nicely, but you can tell by the look on her face that she has never done this before and it is a shock to her senses. He moves her up to a nice, thick dildo…

Vanda Likes Anal

She seems a little bit unsure about these sensations, but she definitely goes ahead, letting her guy fuck her hard in the ass — all the way in, nice and deep. She really takes it like a pro!


Do you want to see more of Vanda? You can just by clicking on any of the pictures above, or by clicking here for a free mixed gallery of Vanda getting her anal cherry popped from Zoliboy.


Until next time, enjoy the ride!


December 1st, 2013

I’m the Butt Diver, and I absolutely love butts and anal sex of all kinds. I am a definite anal kinkster as you will see in the days and weeks to come. I love having things in my butt, from fingers to butt plugs to dildos to hard cocks. Yes, I am female if you are wondering. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to have my butt played with.


So, I hope you will join me on this journey – lesbian anal, teens, double penetrations, objects, maybe even a bit of spanking on occasion. I will leave the enema stuff to my colleague Dr Kink.